Wall Stud Assembly

Diagram of Wall Stud Assembly

Wall Stud System

Kanpoh’s Steel “Box-Studs” Wall Stud System is a modern approach to wall construction that saves space, time and cost over traditional c-channel metal wall studs. Available in a variety of dimensions tailored to American building standards.

Top 5 Benefits of Kanpoh’s Metal Stud System

  1. No spacers or bracing required – requires studs and runners only
  2. Box stud design is strong and rigid, preventing twisting and irregularities
  3. Compact and lightweight material installs easily, shortening the construction period
  4. Shallow design increases usable floor space
  5. Simple, beautiful finish after construction
Kanpoh L Deck Plate

Profile Comparison

L Deck Plate System

Kanpoh’s L Deck Plate System is a space- and cost-saving alternative to traditional corrugated metal decking and site-formed concrete slabs. Its unique design allows for fast and easy installation, while its rigid design requires fewer support spans than its competitors.

Top 5 Benefits of Kanpoh’s 
L Deck Plate System

  1. Lightweight, rigid design allows for fewer, longer support spans
  2. Flat surface is easier to walk on and more workable, decreasing construction time
  3. Requires less total concrete. Flat decks can also be used as a replacement for formwork for the reinforced concrete floors.
  4. Manufactured to the required length, reducing construction site scrap
  5. No support required for general slab formwork. Save time and cost on formwork assembly and demolition.

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